line_locate_point: 2st arg isn't a point\n - Again...

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asked Jun 24, 2018 by anonymous

I'm so close (I think) to exporting a usable file, except I can't get the stationing into it:

      STREAM ID:Forsythe Creek
      REACH ID:2
      NODE NAME:
      BANK POSITIONS: None, None
      REACH LENGTHS: None, None, None
         6214410.26143986, 2222433.82224242
         6214375.33004066, 2222527.52281525
         6214410.26143986, 2222433.82224242, 217.22
         6214401.17927607, 2222458.18439136, 214.05
         6214391.74779828, 2222483.48354602, 212.01
         6214382.3163205, 2222508.78270069, 213.99
         6214375.33004066, 2222527.52281525, 213.99

When I try, I get:

Calculating cross-sections stationing...
InternalError("line_locate_point: 2st arg isn't a point\n",)
Process aborted!

Calculating cross-sections banks stations...

Calculating cross-sections distances to the next cross-section downstream ...
InternalError('line_locate_point: 2st arg isn\'t a point\nCONTEXT:  SQL statement "SELECT\n        (1 - ST_LineLocatePoint(path.geom, ST_Intersection(r.geom, path.geom))) * ST_Length(path.geom)\n                             FROM\n        "ridge1"."Flowpaths" AS path\n    WHERE\n        path."LineType" = \'Channel\' AND\n        ST_Intersects(r.geom, path.geom)"\nPL/pgSQL function ridge1.downstream_reach_lengths() line 11 at SQL statement\n',)
Process aborted!
XSCutLines already exists inside RiverGIS registry.
Left flowpaths done.
XSCutLines already exists inside RiverGIS registry.
Right flowpaths done.
DTMs already exists inside RiverGIS registry.
XSSurface already exists inside RiverGIS registry.
XSCutLines already exists inside RiverGIS registry.

Probing DTM along XSCutLines...

And HEC-RAS crashes when I import the result and try to select Cross Sections and IB Nodes. It finds nothing for "All Rivers". If I manually select only one Reach there, the Import River: <name> and "(All Reaches)" appear, but I instantly (before any data appears) get an error dialog:
Run-time error '9':
Subscript out of range
Dismiss the error and the whole program is gone.

I found

And I did have overlapping cutlines on some kinky parts of my stream. But now I have spaced them out and verified none overlap, even at stream junctions, and I still get the errors.

I also found

Which is more like my problem, but has no answers or comments.

I don't remember seeing those errors before, but my earlier attempts made the same kind of output files with no stationing, so maybe I just missed them.

Looking at my flowpaths layer, its table is just "1, Channel, 2, Channel" - I see the LineType = Channel part, but no data there...  But it draws the stream on the map, so there must be data somewhere... 

I guess I'm rambling...  Would appreciate help with this!


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