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I keep getting the following error when I try to calculate cross-section stationing:

"Calculating cross-sections stationing...

InternalError("line_locate_point: 2st arg isn't a point\n",)"

What could cause this error?  I modeled two other streams using the exact same process as on this one without issue.  Stream centerlines, cross-sections, and flowpaths were all drawn by hand in the correct direction.  The latter two were drawn, deleted, and then redrawn, yet the issue persists.  Also, cross-sections intersect flowpath lines only once.

I'm using QGIS 2.18.17, PostgreSQL 10.3, PostGIS 2.4.3, and Windows 10.

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Hello Tyson !

I've encountered a same issue with the banks stations.

One XS were crossing a bank line twice (a matter of centimeters). I've found the bad intersection by targeting successively some parts of XS in the model geometry.

Try this way to solve your problem of crosssection VS channel.

I hope it could help.

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