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I am a new RiverGIS user and see that this question has come up in the past, but I do not see a comprehensive response.

I have a river network with several tributaries.  I have imported a stream center line from QGIS, and manually delineated some cross section lines (for a portion of the system).  I have assigned RiverCode and ReachCode attributes to the center line feature.

I am attempting to generate the StreamCenterlines and XSCutLines  features through the RiverGIS  topology build functions but the constructed Attribute Table for StreamCenterlines produces NULL Reach Lengths, FromStation and ToStation values for several of the reaches.   

The plan view topology shown in the map appears to be reasonable (flow arrows in correct directions, reaches labelled according to assigned Codes and nodes at all confluences and upstream limits).

I am not clear as to whether the node numbering should follow any logical ordering (it does not appear to) and there is only one endpoint defined at the outlet of the system (although  in previous attempts, I have seen endpoints generated at some upstream tributary limits as well).

Can anyone suggest how I might find the cause of the Null Values in the stream centerline topology?


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I was facing the same Problem.

I forgot: Copy Stream Centerlines to Flowpaths

Thanks for your response - unfortunately, this did not resolve the issue I am having.
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