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I am pretty new to postGIS and all that, but I had a RiverGIS project set up and it set idle for a few months and now I have a new computer and want to pick up the project again.   Does anyone know how you go about moving the database from one computer to another?   I still have access to the old computer.


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You want to backup and restore your database containing RiverGIS data. Do it as with any other database: create dump, move it to the new machine and restore. There are numerous ways of creating and restoring database dumps. Please see how to do it using command line and pgAdmin:

On the new machine, don't forget to create the postgis extension prior to restoring the database.

Thank you very much rpasiok.

I went with the pgAdmin route, chose the "custom" option, but accepted all the defaults.
Made sure and created the postgis extension prior to restoring, which required that I first create a database.   I gave the database the same name as the one I would be restoring.
Then I restored.

It didn't seem to be working at first.  It didn't originally give me any DB connection options in the drop down in RiverGIS, but then I played around a bit, getting in and out of the QGIS file and pgadminIII  dialog a couple times and it started working.  I'm not sure what exactly fixed it.

Thanks again.
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