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I am trying to generate the 2D mesh for a model in HEC-RAS. I draw the 2D area and a breakline and I have the following error when I am trying to generate it:

Creating computational points for 2D flow areas

Creating regular mesh points...

InternalError('Operation on mixed SRID geometries\nCONTEXT: SQL function "makegrid" statement 1\n')

Process aborted!

DataError('Geometry SRID (4326) does not match column SRID (32651)\n')

Process aborted!

ProgrammingError('relation "jalaur3.BreakLines2d_m" does not exist\nLINE 6: "jalaur3"."BreakLines2d_m")\n ^\n')

Process aborted!

Creating mesh points along structures...

ProgrammingError('relation "jalaur3.BreakLines2d_m" does not exist\nLINE 8: "jalaur3"."BreakLines2d_m" AS b,\n ^\n')

Process aborted!

ProgrammingError('relation "jalaur3.BreakLines2d_m" does not exist\nLINE 10: "jalaur3"."BreakLines2d_m";\n ^\n')

Someone knows how to solve this issue?

Thank you,



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It could be that your FlowAreas2d is in WGS-84 (SRID: 4326) and you want it to be in SRID: 32651, which is declared as your riverdatabase coordinate system..

To convert your data from one coordinate system to another, you could use Processing Toolbox and Reproject Layer.

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