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Hello everyone,

I have been working for a few days on preparing geometry for a model. After countless problems in creating the geometry I decided to simply work on a test, on a mini-section of the river-stream and see if I can successfully create the geometry and import to HEC-RAS. I have re-drawn everything to keep things simple.

Everything runs fine in RiverGIS, but the geometry for HEC-RAS is empty of any nodes when imported. I checked the XSCutlines shapefile and there is clearly a problem with the Station column which is empty. I also noticed that no EndPoint is created when running the RiverGIS tools.

I attach a zipped folder with the QGIS file and attached shapefiles/DEM:

Screenshot of the river system in QGIS:

Screenshot of the attribute table for XSCutLines:

Screenshot of the HEC-RAS problem when importing (invert # shows zero points):

Screenshot 2 of the HEC-RAS problem after importing:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm under a tight timeline here...



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Hi Mix,

Using your data I was able to generate HEC-RAS geometry without any problem. What I suggest is to give a name to the river and reach immediatelly after the geometric data are imported to StreamCenterline:

StreamCenterline table

HEC-RAS geometry

Another suggestion is to use a projected coordinate system (metric or imperial), not the WGS.

Hope, that it will be helpful. Best regards,


Dear Radek ,

Fantastic, thanks a lot for your answer. The fact that there was not a River and Reach name did indeed solve the problem. On the projected coordinate system, I'm using the UTM 30N system (metric), which corresponds to the UTM zone for that area in West Africa. Hopefully that's ok.

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I have been trying to import sdf file into HEC-RAS but, so far, I wasn't successful at all. So than I decided to try with the simple case study discussed in this thread but I wasn't lucky as well. I did these steps sequentially:

1. Imported all the shp files in qgis
2. created a new schema
3. Added the field "River" and "Reach" filling with two random strings these fileds the layer "Riverline.shp".
4. Sorted cross-sections from higher IDs to lower IDs going from upstream to downstream, respectively
5. Ran these tools in sequence:  Stream centerline topology;   stream centerlines length; cross-sections river names; cross-section stationing; cross-sections bank stations; cross-sections downstream reach lengths; cross-sections elevations assigning the provided dem.
6. exported using create rasgis import file. Every steps report "done" in the console window.
Please find the exported file here:

I also noticed that this file seems to be created by default without any extension (sdf), so I am adding it manually.

I using ubuntu/linux 14.04 for QGIS 2.18.3, while I am running HEC-RAS 5.0.3 in a Winodws 7 virtual machine  

Thanks in advance for the support, in case it works out the pkg is amazing!
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