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Hec-Ras computation break down after importing RiverGis geometry and interpolating XS or coping XS - RiverGIS Q&A
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Dear all,

In Hec-Ras (5.0.1) I am experiencing a geometry computation problem, after importing my geometry generated by RiverGIS, when I extrapolate XS or copy one or more XS and if I DELETE them afterwards then Hec-Ras is no longer able to compute the geometry. The typical situation is when starting the simulation the process freezes for hours on the "writing geometry" process at the "computing XS interpolation surfaces". My assumption is that Hec-Ras loses the position of the different XS between them when deleting the interpolated XS, I have the intuition that this is related to the georeferenced geometry built from RiverGIS, but I don't really know how and why. Has somebody ever experienced the same kind of problem?

Any help or comment would be appreciated, thanks.

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