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Dear Rivergis, I experienced error when trying to create table or importing layers in the DB. I have this error both with my own project and with the Bald Eagle example you have provided.

When hit RAS 1D Create River Database Tabel I got

Running Create RAS Layers and Tables...

ProgrammingError("ERREUR: le type \xc2\xab geometry \xc2\xbb n'existe pas\nLINE 3: geom geometry(LINESTRING, 2154),\n ^\n",)

Process aborted!

Stream Centerlines - failure!

Before I got this error I had managed to import successfully some data untill I ran through an error concerning unicode ASCII / UTF-8 issue. I tried to fix running some Pyton command like this one :

for layer in QgsMapLayerRegistry.instance().mapLayers().values():

Unsuccessfully and I have to admint I am no Python neither PostGreSQL expert. I run Qgis 2.16 on Win7 64bts. My PostGreSQL database I run is encoded UTF8. So far I removed every accent from my data and path.

Thanks for your help

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Hi Antoine,

Did you create PostGIS extension for that database? If not, use pgAdmin to run


while connected to the database you want to use with RiverGIS. Hope that helps. Let us know if you managed to create/import layers.

Thank you for answering so quickly, that solved the problem about importing my data. So now I am back at my original problem :-)
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Just to comment on what I thought was my original problem : unicode ASCII / UTF-8 issue. It was due to the fact that one of my layer was named in Qgis with an accentuated letter "é" so it went wrong when charger RiverGis Options. Everything fines now.
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